6 Productive and Fun Sewing Tasks to do when You Can't Actually Sew

6 Productive and Fun Sewing Tasks to do when You Can't Actually Sew

I couldn't actually sew last week, and it got me thinking about how I could still do sewing-related things. If your machine's in the shop, if you're waiting for a fabric order, or even if you're not feeling well, here's a list of things to do to support your sewing when you can't sew right now.

Sewing Task #1: Clean your sewing area

This task probably falls more under the category of productive than fun, and not all sewists mind a mess. Personally, I love organizing and tidying my workspace before I start a new project, so this is something worth doing for me.

Sewing Task #2: Research

I love pulling out my sewing books when I can't actually sew. I think it's fun to look up different ways of doing things, and I always feel more relaxed going into a project when I've got a clear idea of how to tackle the sewing techniques in it.

Sewing Task #3: Find inspiration

I'm trying to build a cohesive wardrobe over time, so I'm always on the hunt for ideas to help me better understand what I like and don't like wearing. When I'm looking for inspiration, I'm thoughtfully searching for images, collecting the ones I like, and asking myself why I like what I'm looking at. This helps me better plan my garment projects so I don't get distracted by new pattern releases or fabrics that won't match what's already in my closet.

Sewing Task #4: Make plans

Collecting inspiration is only useful to me if I take that inspiration and make real plans on what to do with it. When I can't actually sew, I like to sit down and pick a garment or two that I plan to make. From there I'll research to find a sewing pattern to use. Then I like to sketch out my projects.

I'm not a great illustrator, so I like to use a custom croquis I made to help with my sketches. The croquis is my actual body!

If you're interested in how I made this, I hope you'll consider joining my online community, Social Sewists of Workroom Social. I have a whole tutorial on how to make your own, and it comes with a PDF template to make your own custom handout.

Sewing Task #5: Tackle your mending projects

Some small handwork is always a fun thing to do when you can't actually sit down at the sewing machine. Plus! Hand sewing in 2023 is going to be huge! 😜

Sewing Task #6: Connect with other sewists

While you may not be able to see people in person, why not reach out virtually to connect with other sewists? Comment on someone's Instragram post or give a sewing friend a call. That way, when you are ready to sew with other people, you've already started building connections.

Those are my ideas for sewing tasks when you can't actually sew! I bet you have your own ideas too. Tell us what they are in the comments below!


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