Sewing community trends for 2023—Jennifer Wiese's predictions from Workroom Social

Sewing community trends for 2023—my predictions!

A fun way to get more involved in the sewing community (in any community really) is to hop on a trend. Here are my predictions for what we'll find trending in the sewing community in 2023. Which one(s) are you into? Do you think you'll join in on any of my predictions this year? If you have any predictions of your own, let me know in the comments below!

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Sewing Community Trend #1: Hand Sewing

Hand sewing has gotten a bad rap, but in the last few years I'm seeing more and more sewists embrace hand sewing. I expect this trend to continue in 2023. Some things are just easier to do by hand than by machine!

Sewing Community Trend #2: Flared Jeans

I noticed three new flared jeans sewing patterns that just came out recently, and I predict we'll be seeing even more! Chalk and Notch, Seamwork, and Closet Core Patterns all just released flared jeans sewing patterns.

Sewing Community Trend #3: Trying New Styles

People are heading back into the workplace and doing more socializing in person, which gives us the perfect backdrop to reinvent ourselves and try new things with our personal fashion. I think a lot of people will be trying new silhouettes, colors, and fabrics this year in their handmade garments.

Sewing Community Trend #4: Print Mixing and Matching

Print mixing and matching was a big trend in 2022, and I see that continuing in 2023. This year, I think we're going to see even more mixing of different scales, colors, and patterns together in the same garment or outfit.

Sewing Community Trend #5: Taking Sewing Classes

Sewing classes are a structured way to improve our sewing skills and to meet other sewists who are as into sewing as we are. I think we're going to see a surge of people taking classes this year, both in person and online.

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Sewing Community Trend #6: Bias Cut Garments

I think in 2023 we're going to see a lot more bias cut garments. For the past few months I've been seeing bias cut sewing patterns popping up in my Instagram feed, and I think a lot of sewists at home have started noticing them too.

Sewing Community Trend #7: Finishing Projects

Maybe this is just a personal wish for myself...I think 2023 is going to be our year for tackling our works-in-progress bins! Whether we finish our WIPs or decide to let them go, I think we're going to deal with our half-finished projects this year.

Those are my ideas for this year’s sewing community trends! I bet you have your own ideas too. Tell us what they are in the comments below!


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