Teach With Us

If you are a sewing expert with a kind, fun spirit and a passion for teaching others how to sew their own clothes, we want you to teach with us!

Our Expertise and Approach

At Workroom Social, we teach adults how to sew clothes that fit their individual styles and unique body shapes and sizes.

We create a supportive and non-competitive environment in all of our classes. Perfection is never our goal in the classroom. Students should expect that their skills will improve with practice over time.

Our team of professional designers and sewists make garment sewing approachable, and it’s our goal to provide students with the confidence and the knowledge they need to continue practicing sewing at home.

Our Belief in the Power of Sewing

Through sewing we build communities, stimulate creativity, and help improve women’s self-esteem and confidence by empowering them to sew the clothes they want to wear.

We work hard every day to promote a sense of accomplishment in our students and customers by reminding them of their abilities. Together we learn from each #sewingfail and celebrate every #sewingwin, no matter how small.

We use our shared passion for sewing to connect with those we might not meet otherwise, and we create opportunities for our students to develop relationships that go far beyond sewing itself.

About Our Instructors

Our mission is to create a positive, empowering, and memorable classroom experience for all students at Workroom Social. We are looking for instructors who are the following:
  • warm, friendly, talkative, conversational, approachable, and inviting.
  • good listeners with an interest in getting to know others.
  • flexible and adaptable when things don't go quite the way you expect they should.
  • fun-loving and energetic.
  • understanding, diplomatic, and kind.
  • professional.
  • team players who are happy to help out in any way they can.
Every instructor at Workroom Social works towards accomplishing the following goals:
  • To create an encouraging, non-competitive classroom environment.
  • To teach students skills and techniques to improve their garment sewing and related topics.
  • To increase students’ enthusiasm for sewing clothing.
  • To increase students’ confidence in sewing while at the same time to decrease their fear of sewing.
  • To teach students to value practice and not focus on doing things perfectly.
  • To cultivate an environment of camaraderie.
Every instructor at Workroom Social promotes the following values:
  • We encourage practice, not perfection. The purpose of our classes is to practice, learn, and experiment.
  • We believe that diversity in background, in status, in culture, and in viewpoint is essential to our creative community.
  • We believe in sewing as a hobby/lifestyle that adds value to both our lives and to our students’ lives.
  • We challenge students to develop their talents to their highest potential, often times questioning their personal boundaries and self-doubt.
  • We believe that sewing is a positive tool for community-building.
  • We nurture the development of students as sewists and as individuals, building relationships with them and helping them to build relationships with each other.

Contact Us

If you are excited about everything you read above, we encourage you to reach out to us! Send us a note about your experience, your passion, and the class you want to teach (something we currently offer or something totally new!). Email us at hello @ workroomsocial.com. We can't wait to hear from you!