The ABCs of Camp

👋🏼 Hello! I can't wait to spend the weekend with you at Camp Workroom Social! Get ready for lots of learning, sewing, camp-inspired activities, and making new friends. The ABCs of Camp is like a Frequently Asked Questions article. I hope it's a fun way to learn a bit more about what to expect from your weekend at Camp.

If you have any questions about Camp, email me at hello @ or call me in the studio at 646-481-1650. Warmly, Jennifer Wiese

A for Attire

❓A camp full of sewists? Oh what to wear!

Campers will receive a detailed pack list closer to their event. In the meantime, a couple of things to keep in mind as you are planning your Camp wardrobe.

  • Weather - it can be a little chilly at Frost Valley, so think layers. You'll also be walking in the woods to get from one place to another, so plan for walking around in the rain.
  • Comfort - You will be active at Camp, whether sewing or participating in summer camp-inspired activities. For most of the event you'll want to dress comfortably for walking and standing.
  • Classes - if you'll be doing any fitting at Camp, you might want to bring tight, black camisoles and leggings for class. A robe is handy too if you're doing a lot of chaning in and out of garments.
  • Handmade or Ready-to-Wear - don't stress about bringing all handmade items to Camp! There is no pressure to wear handmade, and many campers and staffers wear ready-to-wear at Camp. If you have handmade items you're excited to wear, bring them! If not, no worries at all. We want to see you at Camp, no matter what you're wearing.

B for Bunking

❓Where will all these sewing campers sleep?

For Fall Camp, campers stay in one of Frost Valley's "super lodges." Picture a dorm-style ski-lodge meets summer camp. The 2-story building has 13 rooms sleeping 4 to 6 people in bunk beds with foam mattresses. Each room has a private bath. The lodge also features a large common room with a fireplace, where nighttime activities take place with drinks and dessert.

Due to concerns about COVID-19, rooms in this lodge are limited to 4 campers, except in special circumstances when requested by two families bunking together. There are enough bottom bunks per room for every camper to sleep on a bottom bunk.

Just like when you went to sleepaway camp as a kid (or when you sent your little ones off for their camp adventures), every camper gets basic bedding and a towel. Basic bedding includes linens and a pillow. Want to get extra cozy in your bunk? We encourage you to bring your own additional pillows and blankets to snuggle in at night. Past campers love bringing their handmade quilts to sleep under.

Campers can also upgrade their stay to Frost Valley's hotel-style lodging, which features full-sized beds with spring mattresses. Each room has 2 beds and one private bathroom. Campers can book a private or shared room in the hotel-style building.

For Wardrobe Week, campers choose from three lodging options.

Frost Valley's Camp-Style stand-alone cabins feature bunk beds with foam mattresses and a private bathroom in each cabin. Each cabin can sleep up to 10. For Wardrobe Week, each cabin houses 4 campers, with enough bottom bunks for everyone.

The Family-Style lodges have 4 private rooms and one common room. Each room houses 2 campers in bunk beds with foam mattresses, and each room has its own private bathroom. In total, 8 campers share 1 lodge.

Last, the Hotel-Style building features full-sized beds with spring mattresses. Each room has 2 beds and one private bathroom. Campers can book a private or shared room in the hotel-style building.

C for Cellphones

❓Will I be able to call home while at Camp?

Up in the Catskill Mountains, campers will not have cell phone service. If Verizon is your cell phone carrier you may get limited service, though it's very unreliable. Campers can make outgoing phone calls by purchasing calling cards at Frost Valley and using their landline service. In case of emergency, your family can reach you at Frost Valley by calling 845-985-2291.

Though there's no cell service, there is wireless Internet access in the dining hall and also in our classroom building (no Internet service in lodges). With wi-fi access, campers can do data messaging on their phones, and yes, you can post to Instagram (#campworkroomsocial)!

D for Driving

❓Even though the shuttle bus sounds fun, I'd rather drive myself to Camp.

While Camp registration includes shuttle service to and from Manhattan, campers are welcome to drive themselves to Frost Valley if they prefer. Campers who wish to drive will receive detailed instructions on how to get to Camp closer to their event. All drivers must register their cars with Frost Valley upon arrival.

E for Electricity

❓I know it's called "camp" for a reason, but just how rustic are we talking here?

Never fear! Everyone has electricity all the time. (Well not while you're out on a hike, but you get the idea.) Bring those chargers with you to juice up your gadgets as needed. We ask that you turn off electronics and lights when you are out of your room.

F for Food

❓What kind of food will we be eating at Camp Workroom Social?

Campers can look forward to hot, wholesome meals served daily in the dining hall. Frost Valley's dining hall offers an array of options including organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan foods, some of which are grown at their farm! Care is taken to meet the dietary needs of all of their campers, and Frost Valley's chef is happy to connect directly with campers who have dietary needs to ensure they have complete meals that are safe to eat. In addition to every meal, Frost Valley's dining hall offers a cereal bar, fresh fruit bar, and two salad bars (one dairy, one non-dairy), as well as soup and sandwich fixings. Juices, water, tea and coffee are also available at all times throughout the day.

Because Frost Valley teaches nutritious eating to children, candy and soda are not served in their dining hall. They do provide cooked desserts. If you love snacking on candy while sewing, campers are welcome to bring their own sweets, and we provide Coke and Diet Coke for those who need these for their daily caffeine intake.

Additionally, we provide a selection of snacks throughout the day in our classroom building. These snacks can include fruits, vegetables, various protein options, in addition to some kid-favorite chips and cookies.

All campers are asked about specific dietary needs prior to their event. If you have questions about a particular food allergy, feel free to email hello @

G for Guide to Camp Workroom Social

❓I am a registered camper, and I have lots of questions about Camp. How can I find all the information I need about what to pack, when to fly into NYC, what supplies I'll need for my sewing classes, and how my family back home can get in touch with me while I'm at Camp?

All campers will receive a Guide to Camp Workroom Social before their event. Our Camp Guide will be your all encompassing road map for everything you need to know before Camp. It's internet-based so you can access it easily while you're traveling. You can even give a link to all your loved ones so they know how to find you while you're away.

If you ever have questions about Camp (whether it's mentioned in our Camp Guide or not), you can always connect with us by email or phone. Reach out anytime!

H for Hot Water

❓I really like my hot showers. Will I have to take cold showers at Camp?

There should be plenty of hot water for all our campers. We encourage everyone to be mindful and considerate of others by only using what you need. Campers with big families, you know what I'm talking about.

I for Internet

❓I'm a #sewcialist! Will I have Internet while at Camp?

Though campers don't have cell service, they do have wireless Internet access in the dining hall and also in our classroom building (no Internet service in our lodges). With wi-fi access, campers can do data messaging on their phones, and yes, you can post to Instagram (#campworkroomsocial)!

J for Join Our Email List

❓I'm not quite ready to register for Camp yet, but I want to keep in touch and get Camp updates.

We'd love to keep in touch with you! Join our mailing list for updates from us about Camp.

K for Kinds of Activities

❓What other kinds of activities will there be at Camp Workroom Social in addition to sewing classes?

In addition to our sewing classes, we've lined up lots of fashion-inspired and camp-inspired activities for you. During down time, you can choose to relax or get to know your fellow campers on a hike or in a yoga class. We designed Camp Workroom Social for you to learn, to practice your sewing skills, and to have fun!

Check each Camp event's schedule to see what additional activities we have in store for you!

L for Leave No Trace

❗Make it look like you were never even there!

An important concept of camping is Leave No Trace. While at Camp, please remember to put trash in trash cans, never leave food out for the animals (see Z for Zebras below), and leave nature better than the way you found it. We also expect all campers to help clean and tidy indoor spaces we occupy.

M for Machines

❓I'm flying into NYC. Do I need to bring my own sewing machine with me?

No! Sewing machines, and in some cases sergers, will be available for use at Camp. If you prefer your own machine, you are welcome to bring it!

N for Nighttime

❓Will I be walking around in the woods in the dark?

Yes! There might be instances where you'll find yourself walking from one building to another at night, and it's dark up in the mountains. It's good to always keep a flashlight or headlamp handy, but before you turn it on, try letting your eyes adjust to the dark. In the dark, your peripheral vision is better than your foveal (strait-on) vision, so be careful as you're adjusting.

Walking around in the dark at Camp can make for a fun and magical experience! Don't forget to look up at the sky. Hopefully we'll get some clear starry nights.

O for Opportunity

❗The Camp mindset.

Your time at Camp is an opportunity to take time for yourself and connect with others. Make new friends. Learn new things. Ask questions. This is your weekend, and we hope you'll think of everything you encounter, whether challenging or easy, an opportunity to get whatever it is you want out of your experience.

P for Photos

❓Will I be photographed at Camp?

There are many opportunities for photos at Camp—some taken by Camp Workroom Social, and some taken by your fellow campers.

P for Policies

❓Are there any policies I should know about before I register for Camp?

Yes! Please read our Terms of Service and Refund Policy, which include important information and policies regarding COVID-19. Both are updated regularly. Please click through to read them in full, and reach out if you have any questions. When you register for Camp, you agree to our Terms of Service and Refund Policy.

P for Policies

❓Are there any policies I should know about before I register for Camp?

Q for Quiet Hours

❓Camp sounds like a really fun weekend, but I'm worried that with all this fun I might not be able to get my beauty rest.

After our nighttime activities, Camp quiet hours begin at 11:00 p.m. We are always respectful of others, particularly of any fellow campers who want to sleep. Night owls, not ready for bed yet? Our lodges have common rooms that are always open for impromptu hangouts at a quiet volume.

R for Refunds

❓I changed my mind and no longer want to attend Camp. Will you refund my fees?

Please see our Refund Policy for details.

R for Roommates

❓Who will be my roommates at Camp?

All campers complete surveys that help us make bunk assignments based on each camper's lodging choices.

Have a friend who's also coming to Camp? We'd love to help you bunk together! Campers can make specific roommate requests in our surveys.

S for Smoking

❓I smoke. What kinds of regulations does Frost Valley have about smoking?

Smoking is not permitted in any camp buildings. Smoking is permitted outside at least 50 feet away from any building. Please dispose of any cigarette trash in trash cans.

S for Spirit

❓I'm so excited for my sewing getaway, and I want to show my Camp spirit!

We are excited for our time together, and we hope you'll join our entire staff in sharing the Camp spirit! Feel free to share your excitement on social media using #campworkroomsocial, and at Camp itself, costumes, singing, cheering, and all around silly behavior are encouraged!

S for Supplies

❓What kinds of supplies do I need to bring with me for my sewing class at Camp?

Campers are required to bring their own tools and supplies needed for sewing. Specific guidance on tools and supplies are emailed to campers closer to their event.

T for Travel

❓How do I get to and from Frost Valley?

Shuttle service to and from Manhattan is included for all campers but you may opt to drive to Camp on your own (see D for Driving above).

See our Travel Guide to help you plan your travel.

U for Unlimited Snacks

❓The Camp schedule has specific mealtimes listed, but what if I get hungry during the day?

We provide a selection of snacks throughout the day in our classroom building. These snacks can include fruits, vegetables, various protein options, in addition to some kid-favorite chips and cookies. All campers are also welcome to bring their own favorite snacks from home. Food must be stored in airtight containers.

V for Valuables

❓Should I leave valuable items at home?

Yes! We encourage all campers to leave their valuable items (expensive jewerly, etc.) at home. Don't risk the chance of losing something valuable during your trip. Being in the middle of the woods, you won't likely need your valuables anyway.

If you must bring something of value with you, you might want to consider packing a lock for your suitcase. Because Frost Valley is a summer camp that specializes in hosting children and family groups, lodges and rooms do not have locking doors.

W for Wilderness

❓Where exactly is Camp Workroom Social, and where is it in relation to emergency services and other conveniences?

Camp Workroom Social is held at the Frost Valley YMCA Camp in Claryville, NY. Frost Valley is located on over 5,000 acres of wilderness in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, just 2.5 hours north of New York City.

Frost Valley's Health Center is equipped to deal with many medical needs. They have a full-time nurse on staff and an EMT is available 24 hours a day to deal with emergencies that may arise. Should there be a need, there are hospitals and urgent care facilities within 45 minutes of Frost Valley.

Because Camp is situated in the middle of the Catskill Mountains, there are no local convenience stores or pharmacies available. Please bring with you everything you will need for the weekend. We will provide all campers with a suggested pack list to help you prepare.

X for X-tra Guests

❓I was wondering if my family could accompany me to Camp Workroom Social?

All rooms are reserved for Camp participants only, and only registered campers are permitted on site at Frost Valley.

Y for YMCA (Frost Valley)

❓So tell me more about this Frost Valley YMCA...

From their website: “Frost Valley YMCA provides people of all ages and abilities with enriching, even life-altering, outdoor experiences. Located in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, Frost Valley provides year round access to nature and fun through programs such as summer camp, adventure trips, farm camp, equestrian programs, group and family retreats, school trips, teambuilding and more.” You can read more about Frost Valley at

Z for Zebras

❓What kinds of animals might I see at Camp Workroom Social?

While you're not likely to see any zebras, the following animals have been spotted at Frost Valley. How many will you see? Bears, geese, beavers, groundhogs, bobcats, deer, wild turkeys, honey badgers, and the list goes on…

Frost Valley is also home to a Raptor Center where staff care for injured birds of prey. Campers will likely have an opportunity to meet some of these birds during their trip.