How to Alter and Repair Garments - Registration Deposit
How to Alter and Repair Garments - Registration Deposit
How to Alter and Repair Garments - Registration Deposit

How to Alter and Repair Garments - Registration Deposit

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Learn how to alter and repair garments, both ready-to-wear and handmade. Students work on their own projects, practicing making alterations for themselves. Students also participate in group discussion and demonstrations, which teach how to think about making alterations and repairs for others.

Read our interview with instructor Lauren Taylor for her perspective on this intensive sewing class.


Hours in Class


Additional Fees

10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.

16 hours over 2 days


50% deposit required to enroll. Remaining balance due one week before your class date.

This class requires no additional fees. Students are responsible for providing their own supplies for class. Supply lists are emailed to enrolled students about two weeks before each class date.


COVID-19 Related Information

Our Terms of Service and Refund Policy include important information and policies regarding COVID-19. Both are updated regularly, please click through to read them in full.

All of our intensive sewing classes can be booked as a private group class for 4 to 8 participants. Choose any of our sewing intensives, and schedule your own private group class at Workroom Social for you and your friends.

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Thank you for being a part of our community! Whether you are coming to see us in our Brooklyn studio, working with our fabrics or patterns, or joining us at Camp Workroom Social, we want to ensure that every Workroom Social sewist has the best experience possible. To help with this, please read and understand our Terms of Service and Refund Policy before you register for an event or buy a product from us. When you register for an event or buy a product from us, you agree to our Terms of Service and Refund Policy.

Our Terms of Service and Refund Policy include important information and policies regarding COVID-19. Both are updated regularly, so please click through to read them in full.

If you have questions about these terms and policies, please reach out before you register for an event or buy a product. You can email us at hello @ or call us at 646-481-1650. We are here and happy to help you!

Class Description

Anyone can sew their own clothes! It just takes a little imagination, some instruction, and practice.

Being able to alter and repair your garments, both ready-to-wear and handmade, can help elevate your fashion sewing skills by teaching you about garment construction and fitting using a different perspective than that of sewing patterns. In this class we hope campers will grow to love their seam rippers and start to see garment flaws as opportunities for improvement instead. In addition to developing your sewing skills further, being able to alter and repair your garments will empower you to wear more of the clothes you already own and feel more comfortable making changes to your sewing projects in the future.

This class is perfect for someone who wants to learn how to alter and repair existing garments, someone who is nervous about taking apart existing garments, someone who is nervous about making changes to existing garments and/or sewing patterns, or someone who is interested in learning more about garment construction from a perspective that's different from using sewing patterns.

Topics covered in this class include how to...

  • evaluate a garment's fit.
  • assess whether a garment can successfully be altered or repaired.
  • plan alterations and repairs to existing garments.
  • take apart existing garments.
  • execute alterations and repairs to existing garments.
  • troubleshoot problems with alterations and repairs.
  • use trial-and-error in a systematic way to alter existing garments.

As part of our Learn to Sew classes, sewing instruction is taught with an emphasis on key industry skills and techniques to create garments that look well-made. All of our sewing, fitting, and patternmaking classes are both fun and productive, instead of just one or the other. We encourage anyone who is interested in sewing clothes to join us for our sewing classes, whether you are strictly a hobbyist or interested in learning clothing construction skills to bring your original fashion designs to life.

Our How to Alter and Repair Garments intensive class is like taking a 2-day sewing vacation, and we’ve taught wonderful students who have visited us from all over the world. We invite you to spend two days working with us in our inspiring and friendly studio. After this class you’ll start your week with lots of excitement to continue your sewing adventures at home!

Tuition includes...

  • Classroom instruction tailored to each student's unique projects and goals.
  • Lunch both days.
  • Use of studio equipment and tools.

If you prefer to work on your own sewing machine, you are welcome to bring it.

Students are responsible for purchasing and bringing their own supplies, including a minimum of six existing garments to alter and/or repair in class. Garments can be ready-to-wear or handmade. No works-in-progress. Complete garments only.

This is an intermediate to advanced level class. To be successful in this intensive class, students need the following skills...

  • Experience setting up, operating, and troubleshooting sewing machines.
  • Experience sewing straight and curved seams.
  • Experience easing fabric together.
  • An understanding of garment sewing patterns.
  • Experience constructing garments.
  • A general understanding of fitting concepts.

Please be sure to read our Terms and Conditions before you register for class.

Our Expertise and Approach

At Workroom Social, we teach adults how to sew clothes that fit their individual styles and unique body shapes and sizes.

We create a supportive and non-competitive environment in all of our classes. Perfection is never our goal in the classroom. Students should expect that their skills will improve with practice over time.

Our team of professional designers and sewists make garment sewing approachable, and it’s our goal to provide students with the confidence and the knowledge they need to continue practicing sewing at home.

Our Belief in the Power of Sewing

Through sewing we build communities, stimulate creativity, and help improve women’s self-esteem and confidence by empowering them to sew the clothes they want to wear.

We work hard every day to promote a sense of accomplishment in our students and customers by reminding them of their abilities. Together we learn from each #sewingfail and celebrate every #sewingwin, no matter how small.

We use our shared passion for sewing to connect with those we might not meet otherwise, and we create opportunities for our students to develop relationships that go far beyond sewing itself.

About the Instructor

Lauren Taylor is a sewing enthusiast and rad sewing instructor based in Nashville, TN. 100% self-taught, Lauren has been sewing for most of her life and makes anything and everything! In addition to teaching fun sewing workshops, Lauren also works professionally as a tailor for a Nashville-based fine suiting store, in addition to working on-set doing tailoring, alterations, and wardrobe for commercials, band, film, and television tours, and red carpet events. Lauren can be found at and on Instagram at @LLADYBIRD.

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