Patternmaking: Draft a Sloper for Your Body - Registration Deposit
Patternmaking: Draft a Sloper for Your Body - Registration Deposit
Patternmaking: Draft a Sloper for Your Body - Registration Deposit
Patternmaking: Draft a Sloper for Your Body - Registration Deposit

Patternmaking: Draft a Sloper for Your Body - Registration Deposit

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Learn flat patternmaking techniques and make a sloper using your measurements in our Patternmaking Intensive: Draft a Sloper for Your Body. Students in this patternmaking class learn how to take body measurements and use them to draft a custom bodice and skirt sloper.


Hours in Class


Additional Fees

10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.

16 hours over 2 days


50% deposit required to enroll. Remaining balance due one week before your class date.

Due to the unique nature of this course, students are required to purchase a supply kit from Workroom Social for this class. Each kit includes all the supplies needed for this class. No additional supply purchases are required of students.

COVID-19 Related Information

Our Terms of Service and Refund Policy include important information and policies regarding COVID-19. Both are updated regularly, please click through to read them in full.

All of our intensive sewing classes can be booked as a private group class for 4 to 8 participants. Choose any of our sewing intensives, and schedule your own private group class at Workroom Social for you and your friends.

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Our Terms of Service and Refund Policy include important information and policies regarding COVID-19. Both are updated regularly, so please click through to read them in full.

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Past Student

Patternmaking: Draft a Sloper for Your Body

I was really hesitant that I would learn anything about patternmaking in such a short time. Katy did such a good job at breaking down the main concepts and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I learned.

Class Description

Anyone can sew their own clothes! It just takes a little imagination, some instruction, and practice.

Learn flat patternmaking by drafting a custom sloper from your own body measurements in Patternmaking: Draft a Sloper for Your Body. In this intensive, students learn how to use their measurements to create a fitted bodice block and a fitted skirt block. Each student cuts a muslin version of her pattern for a fit analysis in the class. As a group, students discuss pattern corrections for improving fit on future versions of their sloper block. This class is perfect for those who want to learn how to draft their own sewing patterns or for those who are interested in flat patternmaking.

If you’d like to learn how to use a sloper to draft sewing patterns, check out Patternmaking: Creating Style Variations from Basic Pattern Blocks.

As part of our Learn to Sew classes, patternmaking instruction is taught with an emphasis on key industry skills and techniques to create garments that look well-made. All of our sewing and patternmaking classes are both fun and productive, instead of just one or the other. We encourage anyone who is interested in sewing clothes to join us for our sewing classes, whether you are strictly a hobbyist or interested in learning clothing construction skills to bring your original fashion designs to life.

Our studio intensives are like taking a 2-day sewing vacation, and we’ve taught wonderful students who have visited us from all over the world. We invite you to spend two days working with us in our inspiring and friendly studio. After our patternmaking class you’ll start your week with lots of excitement to continue your sewing adventures at home!

Classwork includes...

  • How to take correct body measurements.
  • The key body measurements needed for drafting a bodice sloper and skirt sloper.
  • How to use flat patternmaking techniques to draft custom slopers based on your body measurements.
  • Concepts in flat pattern corrections based on muslin fittings. (Note: this is not a fit class. If you are interested in learning how to fit sewing patterns to your body, we offer both a Dress Fit Class and a Pant Fit Class.)

Tuition includes...

  • Expert instruction from Workroom Social’s friendly teachers.
  • Lunch and treats both days.
  • Handouts and other supporting materials.

Skills needed to take this class include...

  • Must know how to read and use sewing patterns to create clothing.
  • Must know basic garment construction techniques and have experience successfully sewing clothes.

This class is designed for intermediate students and above. This class is not suitable for absolute beginners or for students who do not feel comfortable with basic clothing construction.

Are you an absolute beginner who is interested in taking this class? We'd love to have you! Please email us at hello @ for more information on how you can take this class.

Please be sure to read our Terms and Conditions before you register for class.

Our Expertise and Approach

At Workroom Social, we teach adults how to sew clothes that fit their individual styles and unique body shapes and sizes.

We create a supportive and non-competitive environment in all of our classes. Perfection is never our goal in the classroom. Students should expect that their skills will improve with practice over time.

Our team of professional designers and sewists make garment sewing approachable, and it’s our goal to provide students with the confidence and the knowledge they need to continue practicing sewing at home.

Our Belief in the Power of Sewing

Through sewing we build communities, stimulate creativity, and help improve women’s self-esteem and confidence by empowering them to sew the clothes they want to wear.

We work hard every day to promote a sense of accomplishment in our students and customers by reminding them of their abilities. Together we learn from each #sewingfail and celebrate every #sewingwin, no matter how small.

We use our shared passion for sewing to connect with those we might not meet otherwise, and we create opportunities for our students to develop relationships that go far beyond sewing itself.

About the Instructor

After working around the world in biomedical laboratories with a doctorate in biochemistry, Katy Patzel decided to develop her interests in patternmaking, fit, and construction by pursuing a second career in the fashion industry. She then completed the Fashion Design program at Parsons School of Design, and has interned at various designer and luxury brands. Katy now works as a patternmaker in New York RTW for both men and women. You can see her most recent work on Instagram.

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