Sew Your Own Jeans at Home

Sew Your Own Jeans at Home

Jeans-making Resources from Workroom Social - sew your own jeans

We can help you sew the jeans of your dreams!

Get the Claryville Jeans Sewing Pattern

The Claryville Jeans are a 5-pocket classic jean with a close-fitting silhouette for all occasions. Get the sewing pattern to make your own jeans at home.

Get Our Favorite Japanese Stretch Denim

Produced by Japanese mill Kurabo, we love the structured, yet soft qualities of this 11 oz. stretch denim in indigo. Containing just enough stretch for wearing comfort, this denim might feel stiff to start, but with a few washes and wears, we've found it molds to your body in just the right way.

Learn How to Sew Jeans with Us

Join us in Brooklyn to learn how to sew jeans in our 2-day Jeans-making Sewing Intensive. Availability is limited.

Learn How to Sew Flat Felled Seams

Watch our flat felled seam tutorial on YouTube. Jennifer shows you how to sew this durable seam finish on a regular sewing machine. No special machine feet required!

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