One-Piece Swimsuits to Make and Wear (Because Swimming is Fun!)

One-Piece Swimsuits to Make and Wear (Because Swimming is Fun!)

While researching one-piece swimsuits by indie pattern companies, I kept reading again and again how sewists were avoiding pools and beaches because they didn't want to wear swimsuits in public. Do you feel this way?

I'm here to tell you that making your own swimsuit will build excitement and enthusiasm for all those summertime activities! Not only are swimwear-making sewists feeling more comfortable in their own bodies and having more fun with their friends and family in their handmade bathing suits, but they are also feeling overcome with confidence and pride. So much so that they are posting photos of their beautiful selves on the Internet!

Every body is beach ready as is, so pick a pattern and sew a swimsuit you'll love wearing! I promise—it's better than trying on suits in a store. 

Head on over to Workroom Social TV to check out my pick of one-piece swimsuit sewing patterns designed by indie pattern companies.

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