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Thank you for watching my video about sewing organization at World Frocktails! I hope it inspired some ideas about how organization can help you in your own sewing practice.

If you want to share your organization ideas or ask me any questions, I hope you'll get in touch! You can email me at hello@workroomsocial.com.

Early Enrollment Now Open for Sewing Patterns Mastered PLUS a Discount

Sewing Patterns Mastered Online Course

If you like my way of thinking, I hope you'll check out my online class Sewing Patterns Mastered.

In this class we build a foundation in how to use sewing patterns as a tool to create your own clothes, giving you the confidence to work with any of the thousands of sewing patterns available today. Being able to read, understand, and make confident decisions about your sewing pattern is the start to creating a successful garment—and when you encounter a sewing fail, because we all experience failure, if you can make sense of your sewing pattern, you will know exactly how and why your project went wrong.

Early enrollment is now open for the Spring 2021 cohort. Enroll by Sunday, February 14 for special pricing, and use code worldfrocktails for an extra $20 off enrollment.

If you liked meeting new people at World Frocktails, you'll love interacting with other sewists in Sewing Patterns Mastered. Past student Lisa wrote about her experience in our Fall 2020 class...

I really loved the sense of community that I found in class. We've all been so isolated due to covid, and sewing itself is a fairly solitary practice, so any opportunity to meet and connect with other people who love to sew clothes is like a balm to my soul.

Sewing Patterns Mastered is a hybrid live/on-demand online class. Due to the interactive nature of the course, I limit enrollments for each cohort. Grab your seat before it's sold out!

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Workroom Social Fabrics

Looking for beautiful fabrics for your spring and summer projects? Check out Workroom Social's exclusive line of rayon challis, and use code worldfrocktails for 15% off. This coupon expires on March 25, 2021.

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