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Download the Tate Top for free!

Tate Top sewing pattern by Workroom Social

I designed and created the Tate Top in conjunction with my online sewing class at The Sewing Party. While the event is over, the pattern is still available. It’s free to download for your own personal use. There are no instructions with this pattern, but I think you’ll find its construction is straightforward.

Once you’ve sewn your Tate Top, don’t forget to tag your makes #IsewedtheTateTop!

To download the sewing pattern, give us your name and email address, and we’ll send it direct to your inbox. Can’t wait to be a part of your adventures in sewing!

—Jennifer and the Workroom Social team

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  1. Rebecca Gee says:

    love this top! I whipped it up on day one and wore it right away – and took compliments all day. I forgot about the cup size though, and think i’d do better with a c…i hope you’ll share mods soon. THANKS for the fabulous gift!

  2. Jodie Taylor Hickman says:

    I love the simplicity of this top. I also love the tailored style with high neckline.

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  4. Bracken says:

    I was hoping to download your Tate top pattern but I am in the UK and the form will not work since my Zip code is not a US one.

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