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T.B.A. (Saturday and Sunday)


T.B.A. (Saturday and Sunday)

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Hours in Class

16 hours over 2 days


Workroom Social
96 Madison Street
Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn



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Class Description

Anyone can sew their own clothes! It just takes a little imagination, some instruction, and practice.

In our Weekend Draping Intensive, you will learn how to drape and form fabric on a dress form to create the basic building blocks of all clothing styles—slopers. Once you gain an understanding of how to create the basic sloper, you will learn how the foundational sloper style can be creatively re-draped, re-shaped, or changed to create style variations. If you are interested in fashion design, making your own patterns, or learning how to re-create your favorite ready-to-wear items, learning how to drape a sloper is an important step towards achieving your sewing goals.

Our classes are taught with an emphasis on key industry skills and techniques to create professional-looking garments that look store-bought, not homemade. All of our classes are both fun and productive, instead of just one or the other. We encourage anyone who is interested in sewing clothes to join us for this weekend intensive, whether you are strictly a hobbyist or interested in learning construction skills to bring your original fashion designs to life.

We’ve taught wonderful students from all over the world, and we invite you to spend a weekend working with us in our inspiring and friendly studio. After this class you’ll start your week with your own draping samples and lots of excitement to continue your sewing adventures!*

Classwork includes…

  • How to drape the basic bodice sloper.
  • How to drape the basic skirt sloper
  • How to drape the basic torso sloper (blouse or tunic-length).
  • Fashion-conscious variations of the above basic slopers.
  • How to draft the basic sleeve sloper pattern.
  • How to use sleeves with your draped bodice sloper.
  • Methods to drape on half-scale (table top) mannequins or dress forms.

Tuition includes…

  • Lunch and treats both days.
  • Half-scale dress forms for class-use.
  • Handouts and other supporting materials.
  • Use of studio equipment and tools. Students are responsible for purchasing their own supplies. Supply lists are emailed to enrolled students about two weeks before each class date.

Skills needed to take this class include…

  • A general understanding of sewing patterns.
  • Experience sewing straight and curved seams will help you better understand how the draped pattern pieces work together to create full garment patterns.
  • Basic pattern drafting skills are helpful but not necessary.
  • This class is designed for an advanced-beginner to intermediate level sewer.

Are you an absolute beginner who is interested in taking this class? We’d love to have you! Please email us at hello @ for more information on how you can take this class.


Don’t let a company control what you wear. Own your style and your clothes by making them yourself.

At Workroom Social, we specialize in teaching adults how to sew clothes that fit both their individual styles, and also their unique body shapes and sizes.

Our sewing classes are designed for adults to learn in a warm and non-competitive environment. Perfection is never our goal; rather, students should expect that over time their skills will improve practice. Our team of professional designers and sewists make garment sewing approachable, and it’s our goal to provide students with the confidence and the knowledge you need to continue practicing sewing at home.

Through sewing we build communities, stimulate creativity, and help improve women’s self-esteem and confidence by empowering them to sew the clothes they want to wear.


Sharon Butler is an expert draper, dressmaker, custom bra-maker, and corset-maker who lives and sews in New York City. She has a degree in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Technology and has many years of sewing experience. She teaches sewing instruction to small groups, tutors private sewing students, and sews for private clients. She is the writer of the sewing blog Tailorchick and The Sewing Machine.

*While we cannot guarantee that each student will complete her garment, the majority of students do.
**Please be sure to read our class policies. If you have any questions about classes and learning at Workroom Social, please email hello @