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2014 Sewing & Screen Printing Classes & Workshops!

2014 Classes & Workshops! - Workroom Social - Sewing and Screen Printing Studio in Brooklyn, NY

I'm excited to announce that our new Classes & Workshops page is up and live. We've made some excited new changes and additions to our class offerings, the Classes page, and our registration process...

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About becoming a blogger + decor8’s blogging e-course

About Becoming a Blogger | © Workroom Social 2013

As mentioned in my first post, I've been sitting on this bit of Internet real estate for a long time and haven't really developed it. Why? Because the thought of blogging terrifies me! I have been reading amazing sewing blogs like Sewaholic, the Coletterie, A Fashionable Stitch, Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing, Tilly and the Buttons, LLADYBIRD—and the list goes on!—forever and have always worried about living up to their awesome of content. I admire, and I am inspired by the sewing blog community...

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Hi! I’m Jennifer

Jennifer Wiese, Founder, Workroom Social © Workroom Social

Hi! I'm Jennifer, and Workroom Social is the name of my textile crafts studio. We are both located in Brooklyn, NYC. I've had this website for some time now and not done much with it, but get ready because all of that is about to change! Perhaps in months (or dare I say years!) from now readers will visit this first post to get a sense of this blog's beginnings, or maybe new visitors will stop by here to learn more about the whos and whats of Workroom Social...

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