• truebias

    so pretty Jennifer! I can’t wait to see these popping up all over instagram. you are one stylish and talented lady.

  • devra

    OMG, i love what you have done with the original suggestion to make it yours. it’s great, and i cannot wait to make it.

  • Love Love Love this!!!! It looks so luxe!!!

  • Wow, I love this top! Congratulations on a beautiful design!! 🙂

  • Amanda

    Congrats on your first pattern! I can’t believe you made that skirt completely by hand in one night. Talent!

  • Yahoo!!!!! I’m so proud of you! A first pattern is a big step – and you’ve made a lovely one! And I’m in total awe that you *handsewed* that skirt. I swear that wouldn’t even have occurred to me! (And if you’d accept a knit version of the pattern, I’d love to try it out!) 🙂 Should I email you?

  • YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! So, so excited for you 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up!

  • So excited for your class!! And this outfit is stunning. Way to go Jennifer!

    • Thank, Maddie!! I’m excited for your class too! – PS, we need to talk bras…

      • Yes we do! I hear Rachel is coming to NYC in March. Would love to team up with her for a bra making class at Workroom!

  • Lisette

    Ooh, I very much want to make this! What cup size do you draft for?
    And you made a WHOLE skirt by HAND in one night? How is that even possible? Are you secretly a sewing witch?

    • Haha!! Weird fact about me, when I was younger I was so into witches and magic. 😉

      Patterns are drafted for a B-ish cup. More on sizing soon!

  • Super beautiful! Can’t wait to try out your pattern!

  • Love this top! And I’m in awe that you made a skirt BY HAND the night before!

  • juliana calado gago

    it is crazy, indeed, that you sewed it by hand! I’ve once thought it would be a solution but I just didn’t have the courage to try. ended up using whatever RTW for the occasion.
    you deserve a prize or something ! amazing.

    About your top, it is something like this I have been thinking about, and I find it so clever you made it in only one piece.! Am anxious to try!

  • English Girl at Home

    Exciting! It looks so glam with that amazing hand-sewn skirt

  • carmencitab

    Very cool! Great starter, can’t wait to see the rest!

  • Sarah

    I can’t wait to make this top!! So perfect with a Charlotte Skirt. Mmmmm! Sewing Party can’t get here fast enough!!

  • Cannot wait to make this! And can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve 🙂

  • VMuise

    I have so many small pieces of fabric that I’ve been hoarding, waiting for the perfect 1m projects. This will be it! Wait: I’ll use some of my NYLon14 fabric!

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  • yeahhh I cannot wait to see many Tate tops over the interwebs

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