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Oona’s Fat Quarter Challenge – Fabric reveal

OONA'S DRUNKEN fat quarter CHALLENGE - Workroom Social - Sewing and Screen Printing Studio in Brooklyn, NY

She said it couldn’t be done, but I say “Oh yes it can!” And to prove it I am participating in Oona’s Fat Quarter Challenge. In short Oona has graciously given me 9 fat quarters (her Project Sewn winnings!) to make an adult sized garment for myself.


Carolyn from Diary of a Sewing Fanatic
Amity from Lolita Patterns
Devra (the queen of patchwork!) from Puu’s Door of Time
and Me!

OONA'S DRUNKEN fat quarter CHALLENGE - Workroom Social - Sewing and Screen Printing Studio in Brooklyn, NY

In our discussions about this challenge, I had two questions for Ms. Oona.

1. Do I have to like the garment? No.
2. Do I have to wear the garment in public? YES.

OONA'S DRUNKEN fat quarter CHALLENGE - Workroom Social - Sewing and Screen Printing Studio in Brooklyn, NY

I didn’t look through the other challengers’ bundles, but I hear someone got some pink unicorns. I kind of feel at a bit of a disadvantage here. Surely, unicorns will win!

OONA'S DRUNKEN fat quarter CHALLENGE - Workroom Social - Sewing and Screen Printing Studio in Brooklyn, NY

I’m planning to start work on this challenge soon because I think I’ll need the time. Until then, I’m taking suggestions on things to make! Any thoughts?

  • Lisette

    I think you got the best bundle. I started thinking about what I would do if I were in the challenge and my top thoughts in my head since have been patchwork madras-style shorts and modern, minimalist quilting. I would totally do a strip quilt on a white sheath dress base. Something like this , only with the color strips coming down from the shoulders and bottom hem of the dress. and the edges left rough!
    Maybe I should just make it haha.

    • devra

      that is actually an AMAZING idea – i’ve actually been pondering something for a non-FQ garment! the artist calls it a “ticker-tape quilt”.

      • Lisette

        I think there’s a lot of potential in quilting designs for amazing garments, its just a fine line between 70s patchwork skirt and something that’s sophisticated and beautiful. I’m also really digging the idea of patchworking a two-tone chevron border on a skirt.

      • Jennifer, Workroom Social

        If you really wanted to get a little crazy, to take this idea and make it tiny would create a very interesting textile alone. Would be quite cool.

        • devra

          me? crazy? :-) whatever would give you that idea?

    • Jennifer, Workroom Social

      I like it!! It’s a lot of seaming, but that would totally work.

  • Aleksandra Robinson

    You have a good bundle! I would totally do something like:

    I love patchwork skirts and dresses, though. :D

    • Amanda

      I was thinking of a circle skirt kind of like this! Then when you twirl you’d look like a colorful parasol. :)

      • Jennifer, Workroom Social

        Ah! Twirly!! I love it.

    • misscrayolacreepy

      I remember that post and it was the first thing I thought of! It’s so cute!

    • Jennifer, Workroom Social

      Very cute! Thanks for sending me this inspiration. I really need to make some decisions and get going! Fun to see you on Saturday!!

  • oonaballoona

    ah, but your bundle has fancy script in it. oooooooo. FANCY.

    • Jennifer, Workroom Social

      I think a little *too* fancy…

  • Suzanne

    This is a hard challenge! I would have to think long and hard to come up with a design that didn’t look like something i would have made in highschool…

    • Jennifer, Workroom Social

      Right?! I’m pretty sure this is going to look EXACTLY like something I made in high school…

      • Suzanne

        I was thinking…By Hand London’s Georgie dress would totally be doable with fat quarters. Shhh, I won’t tell anyone else….

    • Jennifer, Workroom Social

      *and* so fun to see you on Saturday! I’m sorry I couldn’t stay longer. I loved that picture that Maddie took of you guys.

  • ASunnyDayinLA

    You can do this, you’ve got great colors to mix and match! You could do something like this Mark Jacobs dress, just turn a classic shape into something very modern.

    • Jennifer, Workroom Social

      Holy smokes! Thanks for this link. Right up my alley!

  • Maddie Flanigan

    I heard about this challenge and you know what I told Marce to make with her unicorns? A bra and undieset. Don’t you think Ruggy would love it?!?

    • Jennifer, Workroom Social

      YES!! Super smart. I would love to see that!

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