More about our Weekend Dressmaking Intensive

More about our Weekend Dressmaking Intensive - Workroom Social • Sewing Instruction and Inspiration • Brooklyn

More about our Weekend Dressmaking Intensive

More about our Weekend Dressmaking Intensive - Workroom Social • Sewing Instruction and Inspiration • Brooklyn

Not too long ago I posted our very first Workroom Social class offerings. Have you had a chance to look at them yet? Today I have a bit more to share about our Weekend Dressmaking Intensive and my approach to thoughtful sewing instruction in a fun and creative space. Read on for all the details!

What is the Weekend Dressmaking Intensive?

Workroom Social’s Dressmaking Intensive is an exciting weekend of sewing, socializing, and exercising your creative spirit. After this two-day workshop, students leave class with the skills to confidently sew their own clothes at home.

What makes the Weekend Dressmaking Intensive different from other sewing classes?

Workroom Social’s Dressmaking Intensive focuses on a few key aspects that set us apart from other sewing classes you might find…

  1. Industry sewing techniques, tips, and tricks – Why shouldn’t home sewers have the same skills as the pros? Our instructors are professional makers who want to share their knowledge and experience with you. When sewing clothing, we know that while you may want to wear something handmade, you don’t want it to look homemade.
  2. A fun, social, creatively inspiring environment – One of the best things about taking a class as an adult is meeting other like-minded, friendly people. We can’t help but find that students in our studio quickly get to chatting about their personal and professional projects, their favorite restaurants, shops and bars, and more! Our instructors love working side-by-side with students, and you’ll feel welcome the minute you walk through the door.
  3. The time to practice, practice, practice! – Our two-day intensive is extremely productive and offers students the time necessary to watch, learn, and practice. We use teaching methods that are most effective with adult learners because we want you to understand our techniques so you can replicate them at home. Students are encouraged to ask questions anytime, even if it’s about something they learned the day before. Working all day Saturday and Sunday saves an enormous amount of time on setup and cleanup and provides students with the the most time available for learning and working. Nothing can substitute practice!

What will my weekend look like?

Start each morning with locally roasted coffee and other yummy treats. Meet your fellow classmates. Check out what tools and goodies await you in your gift bag. Pick a spot to set up your workspace in our bright and sunny studio, and get ready for some intensive dressmaking work! Saturday students focus on some of the fundamentals of apparel construction like how to choose fabrics, how to use trims, how to work with commercially printed sewing patterns, and how to fit a garment. Students also practice on their sewing machines, learning key techniques, including ways of professionally finishing seams, that can be used to make dresses or other clothes. Sunday students cut and sew their dresses!

Each day breaks for lunch from some of our favorite local eateries and includes snacks throughout the day to keep you energized. We love to play our favorite tunes in between demonstrations so you can jam while you’re at the sewing machine. We end each day with a casual cocktail hour while we clean up. We love photographs, and at the end of the weekend, we’ll take photos of you wearing your new dress (or on a hanger if you prefer) and with your new friends for you to take home to show all your friends and family how you spent your fun and productive weekend.

Who should take the Weekend Dressmaking Intensive?

Anyone who’s interested in making a custom-fit dress and working in a fun environment! Our Dressmaking Intensive is suited for both absolute beginners and also more intermediate level sewers. For beginners, our instructors walk you through the whole process, showing you how to do everything then helping you complete each step yourself. Intermediate sewers will learn faster, more efficient ways of sewing and learn tips and tricks to make their garments look professionally made.

Sound like an amazing time? (Let me tell you, it is!!) What are you waiting for? Join us for a weekend of awesome dressmaking fun by signing up now!

For more information on what’s included and what you’ll learn at our Weekend Dressmaking Intensive, please see our Classes and Workshops page. Have a specific question? Email us at hello @