"Fashion Sewing & You" - a new video series to inspire your fashion sewing

Fashion Sewing + You: sewing videos to inspire your fashion makes

Welcome to “Fashion Sewing + You: Becoming the Designer,” a series of sewing videos produced by Workroom Social and McCALL’S!

“Fashion Sewing + You: Becoming the Designer” is all about sewing inspiration. I want to help you think beyond the artwork on a sewing pattern envelope and use your own creativity to sew garments that match your style and personality.

I’ve heard many times from Workroom Social students that they have a hard time finding sewing patterns that match their style. While this may be true on some level, it can be easier than you think. You just need to use a little more imagination!

I like to think of sewing patterns as blueprints. Sewing patterns alone need your personal sense of fashion before they come to life as clothes. I consider all of us who make our own clothes to be fashion designers. As a sewist you customize your garments by choosing your colors, fabrics, trims, etc., just like a ready-to-wear fashion designer does. When you think of sewing patterns in this way, lots of different patterns will work to create the look you want.

I love showing students projects I’ve made using McCALL’S sewing patterns. Lots of students tell me they never would have thought to add this or take away that to customize the look. I want to inspire you to tailor your makes to better suit you and your preferences. As Pati Palmer says, “sewing is an art not a science,” so use your own creativity and fashion sense to sew what you want. Use sewing patterns as your tool to get creative and channel your inner fashion designer!

To help inspire you to customize your sewing, I walk you through the basic steps of six different sewing techniques in the “Fashion Sewing + You” series. Using these different techniques, you can customize any handmade garment. Rather than be an in-depth sewing lesson, my goal with these videos is to inspire creativity and out-of-the-box thinking among sewists. How can you take a McCALL’S pattern and use it as the starting point to create your own fashions?

The “Fashion Sewing + You” video series is sponsored by McCALL’S. The fabric in these videos is sponsored by Mood Fabrics. Thank you to our sponsors who help us create fun sewing content for you!


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