2014 Sewing & Screen Printing Classes & Workshops!

2014 Classes & Workshops! - Workroom Social - Sewing and Screen Printing Studio in Brooklyn, NY

2014 Sewing & Screen Printing Classes & Workshops!

Hello and happy new year from Brooklyn! It’s hard to believe we’re already in the middle of January. Has 2014 treated you well so far?

I’m excited to announce that our new Classes & Workshops page is up and live. We’ve made some excited new changes and additions to our class offerings, the Classes page, and our registration process. Thanks to those who shared feedback on our site, and as always, feel free to contact us if you have suggestions on how we can improve!

Now, let’s talk Classes & Workshops at Workroom Social!

2014 Classes & Workshops!  - Workroom Social - Sewing and Screen Printing Studio in Brooklyn, NY

New skills and techniques based workshops

This spring we’ve added several 3-hour, after-work sewing workshops. These workshops focus on teaching specific techniques that you can add to your arsenal of sewing skills and apply to projects at home. All supplies are included in our workshops so you won’t have to worry about bringing your supplies to work or stopping at home before you make your way to our studio. We know you’re a busy working woman, so we ensure our workshops include after-work drinks and snacks to help re-energize your creative and social spirit after a long day at work. Be sure to check out all our workshops.

Have an idea for a future workshop? Don’t be shy, email us!

Zipper Workshop | Fly Front Workshop
Basic Pocket Workshop | Welt Pocket Workshop

New design classes utilizing computers

We’ve also added two computer classes to our course offerings. Our computer classes teach design and programming skills that directly pertain to the sewing and screen printing worlds. Using Adobe Illustrator, learn how to create repeating designs for fabric, gift wrap, wallpaper and more in our Surface Pattern Design Day Class or learn how to visually communicate your own fashion designs or sewing patterns in our Garment Flats & Technical Sketches Day Class.

New Weekend Pants-making Intensive

You asked for it, so we added it! Learn how to make your own custom-fit pants in our Weekend Pants-making Intensive. As with all our sewing intensives, the samples are made for you in advance so you get to try on the sewing pattern before you cut your fabric. Learn how to make pattern alterations before you begin, and feel confident that your handmade pants will actually fit you!

2014 Classes & Workshops!  - Workroom Social - Sewing and Screen Printing Studio in Brooklyn, NY

Improved online registration

Find the class you want and click on the “Details & Available Dates” link to see when that class is scheduled. From the course page, simply click the “Sign me up!” button to start the registration process. Of course, we’re always happy to take your registration over the phone or by email. Find all our contact information on our Contact page.

50% deposit to register

Hooray! You can now claim your seat in class with only a 50% deposit*. The remaining balance for all class and workshop fees is due one week before your class date. Students are welcome to pay their balance in full or in installments.

We hope to meet you in a screen printing or sewing class in Brooklyn this spring!


*Class fees and deposits are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Please read through our Class Policies before you register for class.

  • I wish I lived in NY and could take some of these! Just a little thing I noticed – the white lettering some of your classes is hard to read. Maybe add a 20% transparent blurry drop shadow effect to your text in Photoshop? You won’t read the shadow and your letter swill pop a bit more (sorry, PS freak over here – blame 6 years 10 of making presentations with it…..)

    • Thank you for letting me know!! Changed them all out. They look a lot better. Next trip to NYC we should definitely do some sewing!

  • Wow, these are fantastic classes! How exciting!